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    Introverts are always not the silent or resisting ones. They can show a confident and forceful personality, too. If you ask the people of the world about introverts, the majority of them will likely respond “someone who is really quiet and shy, who likes to read and make garments by knitting. So, when I used […] More

  • Misconceptions About Friendly Introverts

    5 Misconceptions About Friendly Introverts

    Introversion is not something you can always see. It doesn’t always look like a person standing in the corner Misconceptions About Friendly Introverts! I am an introverted type of person, but I also love people. I even come across as extroverted to some groups.  For a while, as a teenager, I grouped myself as an […] More

  • How Introverts Express Themselves in Different Ways

    Introverts Express Themselves, Too, Just In Different Ways

    Introverts people may hide their inner feelings and excitement from other people, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t express themselves creatively. Sometimes introverts get into a situation where people are surprised that you, an introvert, can express themselves. It happens everytime where people think that if a person is an introvert, they can not […] More

  • How To Cope With Socializing When There's No Escaping It?

    How To Cope With Socializing When There’s No Escaping It?

    Despite putting my true efforts as an introverted personality, I sometimes find myself wearing pants and, yes, talking to people.  How to cope with socializing! Having to go out and socialize is a fact of life. Even though, as an introvert, I try to avoid going to things that require me to put on pants […] More

  • What Does The Word Introvert Mean

    What Does The Word Introvert Mean? Definition And Guide To Introversion

    What Does The Word Introvert Mean! Introversion and extroversion occur in a band of colors. It means that there are different levels of introversion. No one is completely either one of them (introvert/extrovert). Although every introvert is different many of the introverts share characteristics and challenges. Common Introvert Traits Some introverted traits seem to be […] More

  • introvert quotes

    150 Introvert Quotes To Comfort You

    Silence is a source of great strength. Lao Tzu Everyone shines, given the right lighting. Susan Cain The day I began to live is the day I discovered being an introvert was awesome. Maxime Lagacé I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude. Henry David Thoreau Loneliness is […] More

  • Introverts Had an Advantage During COVID-19, Study Finds

    Introverts Had An Advantage During COVID-19, Study Finds

    In the summer sem 2020 at the University of Vermont, a team of researchers and doctors started a study on almost 500 first-year college students. To get data on wellness activities and mental health. Then the Corona Virus hit the campus and it went remote. As you get to know, the study didn’t go as […] More

  • virtual learning and introverts

    Why Introverts Excel At Virtual Learning, According To A Teacher?

    During the time of the pandemic, we have started learning from a distance. And have heard about some negative aspects of learning virtually and its effects on students. But introverts have succeeded in learning virtually. They had a positive experience while learning this way. As they are the one who observes, take more time to […] More

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