5 Things Anxious Introverts Do At Work That May Seem Rude

5 Things Anxious Introverts Do At Work That May Seem Rude
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There are some ways anxious introverts react which might seem rude to others. They keep things to themselves and don’t indulge in small talks with others. They love to be alone. They don’t like to bitch about co-workers in the working place. They don’t like to get into fights They like to stay calm and handle the situation by solving it completely. They don’t speak to people in a sarcastic way (though they can speak it to many). They like to be calm and pleasant with everyone. They don’t underestimate anyone and they respect the opinions and feelings of the other people in the working place.

Everyone should know these 5 things that anxious introverts do at work that may come across as rude to them but aren’t meant to be.

1. Eating Lunch Alone

Having lunch alone does not mean that I don’t like any of my coworkers to spend some of the free time with rather it’s just that they need to take some alone time quietly in the middle of the day to get recharge. They also love to have food cooked at home rather than going to the canteen or trying new menu everyday with others. Being alone for some time is an important part of their day that is the comfort of an anxious introvert’s routine.

2. Not Making Small Talk

Not making small talk doesn’t mean that they talking to others or they don’t want to talk to you. It just means that they don’t want to know the things you have gone through the day like how the traffic was while coming to office, it is very cold there outside and many more.

3. Not Sharing Personal Information

They don’t share their personal information with people, again it’s not like they don’t want to talk or don’t want to be friendly with you it’s that they don’t feel comfortable sharing that kind of information with people casually. In working places, people have different relations with different co-workers and they don’t feel right to share with them as people have a triangular friendship because of this sometimes they want to speak but they don’t and tend to listen to the entire conversation.

4. Not Contributing During Meetings

Public speaking is a fear many people have including introvert and extrovert both, but the fear is very much in the mind of introverted people. It doesn’t mean that all introverts have social anxiety. And even those who don’t find it challenging to speak in front of people. Being quiet during meetings doesn’t mean that they don’t care or don’t want to help. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything to speak they rather love to sit and listen to the thoughts of people and their perspectives and then come back with their own thoughts and innovative ideas. 

5. Not Smiling Much

Not smiling much can not be said that the person is unhappy smiling is not about being happy. And it is not the personality of them moving around with a smile on the face. Not smiling much doesn’t mean that there is something wrong, it’s the regular expression.

Many times people take these expressions wrongly on them but they were never intended. They might like while you are thinking what’s wrong with the personality of the person. They just need some time to mingle with co-workers or trust them.

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