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Introverts are always not the silent or resisting ones. They can show a confident and forceful personality, too.

If you ask the people of the world about introverts, the majority of them will likely respond “someone who is really quiet and shy, who likes to read and make garments by knitting. So, when I used to tell people I’m an introvert, someone who is confident, smart, and assertive, they’d be surprised.

As a child, I was not the silent or passive one. Instead, I was bold, funny, and talkative. I was the one who loved social attention in school. How I became an introvert was being contented with my alone time, recharging myself from it, and also desire for my own space. Could get lost in my own world for hours a day and I did not want other kids around to enjoy myself.

When I was In School.

During the time of high school, with the inevitable awkward self – consciousness of becoming capable of reproduction. As I was also a highly sensitive person with social anxiety originating up in a strict, averse to change Muslim household. The most alone time I’ve enjoyed and grown in as a child with limitless thinking was now turning me into a chronic overthinker. In school, I became shy and quiet because of being in my head so much, around people I don’t know. More Likely, these four years of my life shaped me into a true introvert for the rest of my life. Meaning that I found peace in my loneliness and did not enjoy being more active. 

Ten years later, I had a “waking up from a dream” of sorts. I realized that there’s more to this existence; and, there’s more to us as humans and souls. After some years of conditioning from the side of society and family, you step back again into your limelight. This means you become more like how you were as a child – before you got influenced by the world.

While still accepting that everything you have gone through was meant to shape you into who you are. So, in my case, I am now strong and confident like I was as a kid, but I am also a type of person who prefers my alone time and personal space.

5 Things People Get Wrong About Introverts 

1. They are uncomfortably quiet. (In reality, introverts don’t want to talk just to talk)

As you meet me, I am a friendly and charismatic person, so fewer people know that I’m an introvert. I am quiet because I choose to be, not because I feel awkward or conscious. I know what conversations I’m interested in and I can go deep with, and which ones drain me as well.

Like most introverts, I’ve had people calling me “quiet” in some situations, followed by the ever-popular question “why don’t you talk?” They may assume that I’m uncomfortable when in reality I am just so comfortable and self-aware that I do not need to talk just to talk. I would rather say something. 

2. They are followers who don’t get ahead. (Introverts actually make great leaders)

The other big reason that people are surprised is that I stopped conforming to society and did things in my own way. Like most other introverts I also struggled in a corporate work environment. I am not overly competitive or more outspoken, and I also don’t believe in a hierarchy system. With full energy and for eight hours I can not be with people, getting my energy sucked from my introverted soul. I am a true leader. Introverts make the best leaders.

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You see, introverts are great leaders when they are in the right environment. Our compassion and mindfulness are just a few of our introvert traits that make this the case. We are naturally innovative, as we’ve had to be. We’ve always been outside the box because of that we have to think outside the box.

3. They don’t like being around people. (We do like being around those who are like-minded and value deep conversations)

It’s all about the right environment for introverts. And it’s true like most introverts, I don’t like crowds. However, some of the best times of my life have been in concerts with me in a crowd because it was worth it. Some of the worst nights of my life have been in crowds at clubs because the music was too loud and horrible, some people didn’t have a clear sense of boundaries. 

The same goes for any of the social gatherings, whether it’s big or small. Also, I value my “me time”, I also equally value my time with the right people who support my soul. Introverts, like me, want to connect, not just have company. Rather than talking about celebrity gossip, we like to dive into the psychology of what the person may be going through, try to understand their situation, and sympathize with them. You can say we are problem solvers; that is what drives us and causes us to catch fire.

4. They are all shy, all of the time. ( Honestly, it’s situational)

Introverted people like me definitely have a shy type of behavior, especially in some known environments. And that’s ok. The reality is, being shy and introverted are two different things. An introvert may be of shy nature but all shy nature people are not introverts.

I am shy in front of the live crowd. In gatherings with extended family, but not in gatherings with friends. Also, I hold back from going to social events alone. Many people may get it easy, it gives me social unease by just thinking about it.

5. They are “too sensitive,” delicate, or weak. (Because we are so characterized, we know ourselves well, which makes us strong)

Introverted people are often seen as those who have less confidence and have no backbone. As a highly sensitive introvert, I feel things more deeply and see things in a more detailed manner, but it doesn’t make me weak. I may take the passive aggressiveness and defensiveness which is hidden behind a “funny” joke, and take it to heart. Many say that I’m too sensitive or easily broken, but really I just pick up on the littlest things. If anything, it makes me feel stronger.

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