5 Myths About INTROVERTS

Myths about introverts
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There are some myths about introverts that need to be cleaned up from the minds of people. Some common myths are:

  • Introverts don’t like to socialize with people
  • They are less happy than extroverts in their life
  • They don’t take risks in life that helps in getting successful.

You should know the truth about them which will make you more likely to get in connection with them. Below are 5 myths about introverts, we will discuss in detail:

1. Only Extroverts like to Socialize

It’s not like introverts don’t like to socialize with people, they just need to be full of energy while socializing. They have less tolerance power than extroverts. Introverts like to socialize with people and they are happier with them when their energy is full. The energy comes in them while being alone.

2. Introverts don’t take risks

In being an introvert there is nothing to do with risk-taking in life. Introvert/Extrovert both have fears and their desires to fulfill. It’s about the situation and about the solution that one gives to himself from getting out of fear, taking a risk, or getting a new idea of fulfilling the desire by taking the risk upon them.

3. Extroverts are Happier

Either acting like an introvert/extrovert or being one of them makes you happy, the way you proceed to yourself is the way that makes you happy. You can be happy being an introvert or can be happy being an extrovert in your life. But when you try to be the opposite of what you are you’ll feel sad.

4. An introvert is more likely to have problems with mental health

It is not about that if you are surrounded by people more or if you are more talkative then you are less likely to deal with mental illness. There are many other factors that can increase the mental illness of a person i.e. family problems, depression, bad childhood memories, biological and temperament that lead to mental illness. Both introverts/extroverts can be mentally ill if they have such kinds of problems in their life or if they are depressed or not sharing their problems with anyone they trust or not getting a solution to their problems by themselves.

5. Extroverts are much more confident

Confidence can be seen while knowing what is best in you or in which field or thing you are the expert and it is not about being more socialize or surrounded with more people all the time, so whether a person is introvert or extrovert it has nothing to deal with confidence, it’s just doing what makes you feel good and happy.

These myths have been known to people about introverts. Everyone just loves their own kind of life in which they feel more comfortable with people around or being alone. Introverts have a less noisy life than extroverts because they are not every time surrounded by people and they don’t indulge in partying on daily basis. Tthey love to give time to themselves being alone they don’t talk much while they are sitting with a group of people, also they stay calm in unfavorable situations.

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