9 Survival Tips For Introverted Leaders

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You don’t have to be an extrovert to be an effective leader. The world needs all types of personalities from extroverts(outgoing and energetic) to introverts(quiet and passionate). As introverts are great listeners they seek to establish a strong one on one bond in relation. They can be the ones, who can help their team to reach the peak of their potential. As they are great leaders. Introverted leaders can cope up with their problems in the public by using these 9 survival tips for introverted leaders:

1. Build Genuine Relationships with Your People

Influencing people doesn’t mean that only an extrovert can do it because they have an outgoing personality. Rather team members follow the leaders whom they believe have good relations, speaking freely in front of the leader and have empathy with. Know your people and help them to achieve their goals. Make good decisions on the basis of the data you have. And have a consistent talk to know their thoughts.

2. Be An Attentive Listener

If you have clear thoughts, confidence, passion, and a little authority they’ll feel strength being with you. An introverted leader can be a patient listener which is more important than the ability of a skilled speaker.

3. Use Your Listening and Problem-Solving Skills To Your Advantage

As introverts are good listeners. They can easily identify the concern which needs to be solved in priority. It can be said that it is their superpower to know what is the main concern. And what should get a priority solution to it?

4. Encourage ‘Offline’ Brainstorming

Introverts can help to get new innovative ideas. And they can encourage other introverts in the team to get multiple ideas ‘Offline’.Before a brainstorming meeting and then statically reading those ideas and concepts.

5. Lead from Behind

Leading from the front can be a bit awkward for introverts. Because many of the leaders are extroverts as they are leading from the front. Allow yourself to lead from behind. This leading style can give you benefit. By focusing on your team fully rather than getting indulge in other activities. And doing the strategic work which will build your team. And is required to backup you with full potential when needed.

6. Ask Questions

Asking questions and letting your team talk about it to get new ideas and suggestions. Which is good for both introverts and extroverts. It is good for an introvert to connect and communicate with the team.

7. Give yourself Time to Recharge

As a leader, you are in the spotlight simultaneously. It’s difficult to take out time for yourself. As you need to be there for your followers. Taking out a little amount of time(10 to 20 min) from your busy schedule. And practice some stress-relieving and mind-calming exercises or techniques. As it will benefit in clearing your thoughts and making appropriate decisions.

8. Aim first to connect with and Inspire People

Don’t try to hide your real version of yourself from others. Make your real version out in public to shine, that will help you in succeeding to be successful. Either personality can be leaders as long as they can sustain their quality to inspire people and connect with them. Follow your authentic path and allow yourself to dive in.

9. Stick to your Roots But also Spread your Wings

Try to expand yourself with your wings in new areas. Which makes you uncomfortable. And stay grounded in the roots of who you truly are. Don’t transform yourself, to be in front. But allow yourself to come out of your comfort zone and take part more actively. Use the strengths and abilities which you already have in you.

Introverts can lead their team and be with people attentively by allowing these transformations in them. They can be great leaders as they are good listeners. And a good listener is the one who becomes a good speaker. As they first analyze everything statistically and then make a decision.

Written by Cristina

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