How To Become Introvert From Extrovert

How To Become Introvert From Extrovert
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How to become introvert from extrovert! Introverts are finally getting our time in the sun. There are more websites, books, and communities for introverts than ever before and it is enough that young introverts can grow up understanding their introversion, instead of feeling “wrong” like I did as a kid. 

But there is no shortage of people who still don’t get it. Everytime i mention that I’m an introvert, some people ask something like, “Why can’t you learn to be social like everyone else?”. 

So in further reading we will learn about how to become introvert from extrovert.

4 Ways to become Introvert from Extrovert:

1. Learning through reading

Being an extrovert it is better to read in solitude as it will help you to know about self and the world through books. You’ll learn best through reading as it requires utmost silence and focus. When life gets in complete disorder you should probably read self-help and business books. When things start to pick up, read some non-fiction. Try to read out some fiction classics by Steinbeck and Fitzgerald, sci-fi by Neal Stephenson and Stephen King’s It. All this will vary stimuli and will tremendously help you to come up with new ideas. And will help you to become introvert from extrovert. 

And it is easy to become introverted when you feel smarter than usual. 

2. Excelling at work

You become an idea factory, it is hard not to do well at work, whatever your job may be. You just begin to examine the different dimensions of previously unexplored things that could get you closer to solving a problem. When you are alone you are in a peaceful zone, you can connect these dots faster. You will not notice the time – you are done in no time. It is nearly impossible to be interrupt unless you are working in an open space. You’ll find being alone and in silence the most conducive environment for deep, meaningful work. 

3. Leisure at your own pace

You should take out sometime to have some fun alone. Try it for once. What you’ll like about going to the movies, eating at your favourite restaurants, or travelling solo is that you’ll be in full control of how you use your time. Also you’ll have a tub of popcorn all for yourself. And you’ll get to observe things in surroundings which are usually ignored when you’re in the company of other people. Also you do not have to endure waiting for a trail of tourists to pour of a character bus before you can see the Mona Lisa. 

4. Appreciate simpler things.

When you’ll become more insular, you will  realise that you really did not need much to be happy. As long as you’re healthy, you can help people. And if you can help people, you are living a full life. You will also know how much you’re loved by your family and friends. So, you really had everything you needed.

And doing this will help you to become introvert from extrovert rather than partying, hanging out and planning weekends.

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