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It may well be that you think you don’t have many introverts in your team or in your workplace but that could be because introversion is often misunderstood.

Some people think of introverts as shy or quiet. This is often the case but these are definitely not universal attributes. See, if the tips below help serve as clues for who on your team might be introverted and adjust your approach to them accordingly. And as usual, you can also hear us discuss this.

3 Effective ways to communicate with introvert person.

  1. Stick to meaningful conversations.

Having a meaningful conversation with an introverted person makes him/her listen to you carefully and could get interested in you. You can ask an introvert “how was their day?” or can tell them about your day. And most probably the introvert will nod or will reply in a short word. Discuss theories with introverts, philosophies, geo-politics. You’ll see the eyes lighting up like never before. These talks attract an introvert toward you. Most probably the introvert will love to have a long period of time spent with you. An introverted person is more active by intelligence. 

2. Speak slowly and calmly.

Do not think of yourself as superior or more intelligent while speaking in front of introverts. An introverted person is not slow but takes time to process. Just think of the difference between enjoying the taste of the food to the fullest and swallowing large amounts of food quickly. Introverts enjoy conversations, e.g. ‘enjoying the taste of the food to the fullest’.

Introvert people like to have gaps between the sentences to understand and to experience the after taste so to speak. You can often notice introverted thinking during those pauses. It will be worth the wait because the introvert will then contribute to the conversation with valuable words and thoughts. 

3. Analyze and then use your words carefully. 

An extrovert person is talkative by nature, a person who loves to voice their thoughts as the thoughts occur or pop up in the head and use the other person as a sounding board. This can get both overwhelming and confusing for an overthinking introvert. 

It will help if you make it a habit to weigh your words more carefully before speaking, especially when settling into a relationship or communicating. If you feel that conflicts with your personality and you shouldn’t have to change yourself to have good communication with an introvert, a fair warning is warranted. 

Just let the other person or the partner know that you’re merely thinking out loud. Tell the introvert that you’ll ask for their attention when you have organized your thoughts better. In this way, an introverted person will know better than to start drawing conclusions from your words. 

Do’s : How to communicate with introvert person.

  1. Don’t disturb in the middle unless necessary. 
  2. Choose words carefully when making corrections. Be tactful. 
  3. Honor their need for privacy and dignity.
  4. Demonstrate acceptance and tolerance. 
  5. Don’t react negatively to a controlled, less emotional response. 
  6. Allow space to recharge without interruption after a conversation.

Some final words:

It is not easy to communicate with an introverted person. As one needs to be careful about the topics on which talks are ongoing. Topics, ways of talking, letting the introverted person speak are considered to keep in mind while having a conversation.

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