How To Live With An Introvert?

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Who are introverts?

I got to know and learn about introverts some past year and how to live with an introvert. They are quiet people who don’t often indulge in socializing activities. Instead, they’re happy at what they do. They like to keep things with themselves instead of sharing them with others except for their close ones. Also, they keep themselves within their boundaries and try not to cross them, and also don’t allow anyone to cross that line. Being introverted is a personality trait.

3 Simple and Effective Ways, How To Live With An Introvert?

Please don’t force them to do things.

Please do not force your introverted people into doing things you like or as per your requirement because they hate doing something which they don’t like on the sayings of a person or partner. If they do not want to do things or if they’re going to do it with their perspective, don’t try to make them do it with your perspective; it makes them feel uncomfortable. If they do as their partner says or goes out with the partner in a social event, it will deplete their energy for a week, and they would not like to go out anywhere else.

Observe both verbal and nonverbal cues.

You may notice that introverts speak more minor, or they try to respond with short answers or one-word answers to you as they don’t like to waste their words while talking for no reason. Please find out that they don’t want to talk about not wanting to have a conversation with you or anyone else. Because many of the times their brains are occupied somewhere else thinking of some other things or topics. So, that is why there are some limited resources available for the conversation. Pay attention to what they’re doing, and if they’re engaged in quiet activities like reading, writing, it’s the right time to ask if they’re willing to talk.

Don’t make them lie.

Don’t say that your partner has some other work; instead, directly say that he can’t make it. Try not to make going out alone an issue, instead make your living with you comfortable by not pointing out such issues. Don’t make your partner sit in a corner at a loud party because introverts hate going to noisy parties. Allow them to say no, that they’re not up for the night.

Do’s and Don’ts, when living with an introvert. 

Be patient while having a conversation or being with an introvert.Do not avoid major discussions.
Try making them loved by spending your time with them. Telling them to be open with others is not appreciated by them.
Give them space and please don’t try to push them.Put a full stop to making assumptions about their lives.
Give them time to be in their space filled with solitude.Don’t talk about them and their behavior behind their back.

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