how to love your introvert
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Introverts show you their love or attachment by making you their hanging-out person and for almost everything they do. The first person they want to tell about a secret is you. You are the first person from whom they’ll share their feelings, as you greatly influence this person’s life and you on theirs. Know how to love your introvert here!

7 Ways To Love Your Introverts

1. Introversion is not simply a person’s characteristics; it’s a nervous system setting.

Your nervous system is like a net that catches more activities from your surroundings like – noise, lights, words, and facial expressions. 

Introverts have bigger holes in their net. They can handle a lot of activities before getting buried. If you’re one of those who fall in the middle of introvert-extrovert, then you’ve got medium size holes. If you have a susceptible system, you catch everything. Because of this, you’re stimulated physiologically, very easily, and quickly. 

It is not about whether you like it or not; it’s about biology and how your system processes the environment. Please don’t make introverts feel like they are anti-social. They love people the way you do; they do it differently. Going through brain scans can show us this now. 

2. Try to keep in mind that introverts will need some time with you alone.

Yes, they love your family, children, and friends too. And sometimes it’s okay to get together(maybe not, but it’s manageable). But they may feel a broken connection between them if they don’t get into deep conversations, which usually requires alone time. Truly introverts don’t enjoy groups; it is simply too much for their nervous system to process. 

Small talk is not worth talking to introverts. Because they have so much social energy and emotions to spend, and because they love you from the bottom of their heart, they want to use it in the best way possible. They may also feel guilty about this many times, and it is because they love you. They want to know how they’re doing, and they want to listen to you. They tried to understand your feelings. And talking groups are plentiful in the amount that they make it almost exist for us to do that.

3. Let them spend some time alone away from your crime-free.

When an introvert steps back, their intention is not to leave you. Instead, Introverts are saying that their nervous system is low at the moment. They physically, mentally, and emotionally had nothing left to give you. They need to provide a break for their nervous system so they can come back to serve, love and listen. 

If an introvert stays with you in your house, tell them that they’re free to sleep, take a nap, read or spend time in the room alone. They’re not showing that they’re anti-social. Instead, they’re doing what they need to do so that they can love you well in the long term.

Many introverts feel guilty for spending alone time and usually will. They need help from your side so their needs are acceptable entirely and there is nothing wrong. 

4. Give the other options like talking face to face instead of the phone

The phone conversations make them stressed, and most of the verbal part of it. Being in person lets introverts see the facial expressions and give them time to process before responding. And helps introverts to use their excellent nervous system to their best benefit. 

Introverts love to communicate in writing because it reaches the heart level, which introverts love. Give them time to think and let them be remarkable about our words. 

It is not a personality characteristic, but it’s a biological reality. Communications we perform verbally reside in the left part of the brain, and the written communication lives in the right. All contact is not made equal, and some forms are uncomfortable, provoking feelings of worry and sometimes even downright painful for introverts, especially when stressed.

5. Try to know when introverts are tired and need extra rest and support.

Introverts sleep more, and they need naps as it is one of the best ways to restore their nervous system. The fact is that they’re not lazy, just wisely using their resources. They also need extra time and quiet spaces. Even sound and light can disturb them when they’re low. 

When an introvert gets drained they probably blame it on themselves and tend to think like “what’s wrong with me?” and push themselves to carry on the point making themselves ill or depressed – all because they do not want to disappoint you. Help introverts know that they can say “yes” or “no” to your coming invitations, and you will love them just the same. 

6. Try to be kind to them as they’re already very hard on themselves.

The sympathetic nervous system that makes us vary in tune with our external environment also means they’re often critical to understanding what’s going inside them. Introverts are hard on themselves and have a type of behavior of analyzing too much. They’re not irresponsible or unaware of what introverts are doing wrong. 

The best gifts for an introvert are acceptance and action. They can tend to feel guilty, exhausted, nervous, and anxious, and you would probably never guess it. The way they are, the set is a gift, but it becomes a burden when they feel shame about being like that.

Know their strengths. Be thankful to them for listening. Appreciate the creativity they have. Making them realize they’re having a soft heart in a brutal world is courage, not weakness.

7. Appreciate that the introverts in your life will probably know you better and more deeply than anyone else because of the above.

They are quiet, but they are taking it all in. Introverts listen to you carefully and analyze what you’re speaking, and catch what you’re expressing that even you don’t realize you’re saying. 

Don’t put pressure on them to be more outgoing like extroverts. They’re doing what they can do best, and if you push them to be the one, they’re not. Then you’re moving them away from the one God created and what he wants them to add to the world. 

Suppose you have a child who’s an introvert with a sensitive nervous system. And cherish the unique gifts that come with that. Most of the leaders, artists, spiritual leaders, and creative thinkers fall in this group. Think of all we would have missed if someone has forced them to change.

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