10 Tips For Introverted Parents Raising Extroverted Teens

how to raise an extroverted child
how to raise an extroverted child
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You love to be with yourself, and love to spend your time in your house rather than interacting with friends outside. Physical interactions exhaust you and you try to stay away from them. And then there is your child, who will smile at a random stranger and will start a conversation. And they can do it with anyone they find. And they totally grow around people. Being an introverted parent to an extroverted child is the most draining thing ever and you must be worried about how to raise an extroverted child?

Here are 10 useful tips to handle your extrovert child (written below)

1. Get Your Child to Bed Early

As an introvert, you will need some time to recharge your energy meter. You need to be alone, for some time to stay away from simultaneously arguing about small things with your child. The whole day you were after the child (chasing), solving their fights. And after that, you are more likely to be mentally exhausted. Try to get your child to bed at the exact time, so that you have time to relax before you go to bed. Make it a habit so that you don’t drain yourself again. And try to convince them to sleep early.

2. Have Some Mandatory Alone Time

Take out your time and sit alone at a place where you and only you are allowed, no one else. It could be the time after morning or after the afternoon, where you sleep for some time or read the book as introverts love to do. Use this time for you to take a break from the madness which is around you. You can watch your favorite movie or any show that you like during this time. Tell you, children, to not disturb you during this time of the day.

3. Find Common Ground Between You And Your Child

The main difficulty in raising your extroverted child as an introverted parent is that you both are exactly the opposite. You like to stay home and they like to be in the outer location. You would rather enjoy taking a quiet ride home, and they will get you to talk to the person next to you. Because of this, it is difficult to find something that you both can enjoy together. They find themselves happy in the event and you being a parent to them find a place to sit with yourself.

4. Seek Therapy

Don’t keep it all to yourself or you have a risk of melting down. Which is very difficult. It’s okay that you get tired after the end of the day that you need to go asleep immediately. Schedule counseling sessions at least once a week and speak to a professional. So that they can help you out and provide you the solutions to it by reading and managing your thoughts. So that you can raise your child without getting in trouble. And will also provide you the new ways to handle different situations as you both are opposite to each other.

5. Ask Your Partner To Help You When You’re Burnt Out

No matter how hard you try, it is hard to cope up with difficulties alone. You will need help at some point in time. And you are lucky enough if your partner is an extrovert, they will be the same way, as your child is sharing the same nature. They also know how difficult it for you (as an introvert) to participate in public events, parties, and being around people every time. So they may actively participate in your child’s life, helping you to be alone and spend time with yourself.

6. Plan quiet activities for yourself

Every introvert has a quiet activity that they enjoy doing. Activities that make them overcome stress. It could be sitting and revising positive events. It could also be walking alone for some time to relax. It could be eating your dinner alone to be quiet for some time and have dinner with yourself. Take out the activity which leaves you feeling relaxed. Get your quiet activities with yourself straight without wasting time. Plan a small vacation with yourself once a year to fully make your mind stress-free.

7. Create Mandatory Nap Time

Make a fixed time to take a nap. So that you can get as much alone time as possible.As the energy levels of extroverted children are high. If it is upon them they would not take a nap. Then you would be like a robot that is on autopilot mode dealing with them and their problems day and night. You might consider napping with them.

You need to be more attentive when raising yourself as an introvert and your child is an extrovert. You need to pay more focus on the child as you both differ from each other, and are opposite to each other. You should not put your traits on your child. Every person has their own type of traits.

After considering that you are a parent, but the traits are not in the hand of anyone. So the teens who are of extroverted nature spend more time socializing with the people out. And they do not face any difficulty meeting new people or random strangers and having a conversation with them. As friendly as they are with their close friends. They are full of energy. And they get it from socializing with them at events in parties or in a meeting. They are open to speaking in front of the public without any hesitation. And they are highly attentive and full of energy when there are people around them to talk with.

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