how to survive as an introvert
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Introvert is the new buzzword. Everywhere you turn these days someone is touting the benefits of being an introvert. It can be difficult to deal in an in-your-face world of networking and self-promotion. 

How do you know if you’re an introvert? A few signs could be that you don’t enjoy small talk, and you’re exhausted after group activities; networking makes you feel like a poser. You feel alone even when you’re with people; you enjoy downtime and need it to recharge. 

And there are many other signs too, like not wanting to answer the phone, preferring instead to text or email. Preferring to give a talk in front of 100 people and worried about the small talk mingling after. 

Most likely if you’re an introvert, you know it. But the main point is, how to survive as an introvert?

So, here are some ways on how to survive as an introvert. 

Some ways on how to survive as an introvert.

1 Let go of the past.

Do not let the past tell you about who you are or what your future will be. I spent my teens and early twenties buried in books and television shows, watching the same ones again and again. Now, I could in order keep cool in regret at having missed opportunities, or I could see my past as a useful step to becoming the person I am today. If I had not spent my childhood reading, for example, I would probably not have the passion I have for writing today.

My writing serves as an integral part of my identity, and I would probably not have the passion I have for writing today. My writing serves as an integral part of my identity, and I would not have missed it for the world. I consider it worthwhile to have missed a large party at which beer is served from a keg, typically attended by students or by young people. Failed at teenage relationships and smoking joints in order to be able to inspire others with my words. 

2 Must take breaks.

The single most important thing I can do to help myself to deal with a large group of strangers or people I’m not feeling comfortable with is to take breaks. I excuse myself to go to the bathroom or get a breath of fresh air. It’s important to take five or ten minutes and give yourself a chance to compose yourself, gather your thoughts or psych yourself up for the next round of small talk. 

3 Be open and honest, which an introvert is most of the time.

But getting away is not an answer and working from home might not be an option.

It is important to be open and honest about who you are, not just with your colleagues but also with yourself. While it’s ok to adapt your approach to changing environments and tailor your communication style to different people, it is not ok to have to become a completely different human being. 

Trying to change yourself to be more like some other person won’t make things easier, far from it. It will just lead to frustration and will be a drain on your energy. 

Some final words.  

An introvert or introverted person can be called the precious stones of the world. And we the people have to keep them safe for the betterment of the future. So, we have to keep the surroundings better or according to an introvert if one is with us according to their habitat. So it could be comfortable for an introvert to comfortably be with people. 

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