How To Talk To An Introvert?

how to talk to an introvert
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It is no secret that introverts hate small talk. It also seems like deep-diving brains are not made for it. An introvert gets re-energized by playing with the ideas, analyzing the information, expanding knowledge by reading, and connecting authentically. Not a single thing out of that happens when you make small talks. 

Having small talks serves an important purpose between both. It can help the conversational partners to warm up to each other and can lead to having long, meaningful, and deep conversations for a long period of time. The main problem is that many of the conversations never move to that satisfying, deeper level. People are stuck in a predictable deep track that a wheel makes in soft ground like “How was your day?” “Fine! How was yours?” When this happens in a conversation neither person gets to learn anything new about each other and due to this, the relationship stops developing. 

And for introverts, who value a few close, meaningful relations or even entourage surface-level ones, these types of shallow interactions or meetings are what make an introvert hide in the bathroom or in the corners during the lunch period.

How To Talk To An Introvert: Effectively.

1 Ask an introvert about him/her self.

Even shy people or an introvert like to talk about themselves. Asking open-ended questions can help to make conversation run smoothly on the wheels. So does showing genuine interest in people’s answers. Follow up with some of the additional queries or questions and relevant information about yourself (because none of the people wants to feel like they are being interrogated) and an introvert can himself have an instant dialogue. 

2  Try to start a conversation while doing something else.

Talking face to face in a first meeting less about each other and starting a conversation can be quite uncomfortable. It can be avoided by doing some other tasks and talking to an introvert simultaneously like using the phone, driving, washing dishes, or cooking, etc. 

3 Share some interesting tidbits with an introvert.

Complaining about the most cliched conversation starter known to humankind. It also paints you as a person who complains. Rather, think of a couple of upset facts, a short story about a real person or event. Or news items to share with people introvert encounters throughout the day. A unique local art exhibit that you read about, and the Hollywood movie you saw being filmed downtown or the weekend’s predicted that meteor shower fits the bill. 

4 Talk to an introvert one-to-one and bring the ideas to a bigger group. 

Some of the time it is difficult for an introvert to open up to people one-to-one and talking to a group is a level up to that. So, talking to an introvert and understanding what an introvert says. And presenting the idea to the group and creating a platform for an introvert to speak.

Do’s and Don’ts: How To Talk To An Introvert.

Do’s Don’ts
Use non-verbal methods to schedule a discussion.Do not call. Message instead.
Do text or email the issue and information you or the introvert need, in advance.Do not put on the spot or put under pressure for a quick answer.

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