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To The Extroverts In My Life: I Love You But Alone Time Is A Must

To The Extroverts In My Life: I Love You But Alone Time Is A Must
To The Extroverts In My Life: I Love You But Alone Time Is A Must
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Many of the times introverted people want to stay home rather than spend the time with people that makes no sense.

People don’t understand that their hearts have been beating out of their chest, nerves were on edge. And thoughts racing, and the introverts are on the verge of crying most of the time a day.

This all happens because they stretch themselves socially,because they have friends who needs their energy.

And they give them their energy and time because they love them  and it tend to make them sad as a result.

Without Alone Time,Introverts Crash And Burn

Introverts just want to be alone.As it is always not true,and it reduces them to an antisocial person.

They just need a lot more time than their extroverted counterparts.

Even they are socially good,have a friendly nature. And outgoing but they need enough time alone to recharge themselves otherwise they crash and burn.And that’s not a good sight.

What extroverts think of introvert people if they hangout with them is that they’re not having fun.Without getting recharged they become negative,irritable.

And a bad fellow who is just counting down time to get rid of the hell.

It’s not because they don’t love friends,rather they appreciate the deep connections they have with their friends.

They turn the invitation down because their body physically needs to recharge as it gets low.

Some of the times it takes more than a weekend to recharge again depending upon how socially active they were,and in all cases their body needs to get their energy tanks full.

How to Handle This Type of Situation

The hard thing is that when introverts get the kind of reaction that they may be tempted to respond to in unhealthy ways.

They may address to people pleasing or agreeing to socialize past our limits.

They may retreat inward feeling hurt and misunderstood,even cutting their friendship completely.

In order to maintain good relationships, introverted people need to ignore the reactions(negative) they get from extroverted people by setting firm boundaries.

They tend to explain their needs as introverts to people and help them understand why they are different.

If they still push them for more they had to say no (as there is no other options).

It will all come down to mutual respect for one another,regardless of our differences.

3 Ways to Explain the Need for Alone Time For You(Introverts)

So how do they communicate their need for downtime to the extroverted people? 

Here are some explanations that I hope will help you understand.

1 I’m Wired differently Than You

For introverted people needing alone time is not a choice for them, it’s a phenomenon for them.

Introverted people have a low dopamine compared to the extroverted people making them the quiet ones among the crowd and more sensitive to feel it’s good effects.

And the extroverted people on the other hand are less sensitive to it,so they need more dopamine hits to get their fill.

That’s why exciting situations like big parties and networking events are more draining to the introverted people. They fill their social quota quickly then and are ready to head home.

2 Their alone Time Hobbies Recharge Their Energy

The creative fire of introverts comes out when they’re alone,they feel more like the real one when they’re reading or journaling than when they’re at a party.

So they like to give enough time to their hobbies.When they’re done with their work they like to do the things like trying new recipes.

By clicking picture with camera are what they like to spend daydreaming about.

And they can not perform them when they are tied up socializing and thought of them also makes them panic.

Performing these activities are not just hobbies for them but they’re how they recharge themselves.

5 Ways to Survive a Social Event as an Introvert

3 Sometime they Need Time to just Be

Introverts love people but more than that they love to be with themselves and there’s nothing to feel wrong that way.When they’re on their own they don’t watch what they say actually.

Introverts don’t try and actually don’t spend their energy on being sweet and fun.

Sometimes they don’t want to feel people,help them and listen them with their problem (but being HSP they are unable to resist it).

People like them just want to think about themselves for a period of time.When they spend time alone they can be on their silly side and they don’t feel judged.

And don’t have to panic to find something to talk about. They can just be themselves and relax and feel comfortable.

They love being with their extroverted friends but their body and mind needs some extra downtime for which they’re no longer going to ask for sorry.

It’s their life and they can choose what to do and how to spend it.They may not be down to hang out every weekend but they always stick around their people and friends.

Introverted people need alone time but they love their family and friends more than they express it about.

Being with themselves help them recharge their tanks and make their modd comfortable,to allow them to join with friends and family.

To make and create some special positive moments.It can only be possible when they’re fully charged and relaxed and are in their comfortable zone. 

Written by yuvraj

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