What Do You Call A Person Who Is Both Introvert And Extrovert.

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If you’re wondering what do you call a person, those who have features of both introvert and extrovert, they’re called ambiverts. According to the research and studies, ambiverts engage in both patterns of listening and talking equally and efficiently. As they are characteristics of those super outgoing and those more reserved. 

And according to Harvard Business Review, ambiverts are great leaders. As they know when to get assertive and when to lean back and listen. Also they understand things wisely. 

Below are some of the signs you’re an ambivert. 

12 Signs that can make you call yourself, you’re both Introvert and Extrovert (Ambivert).

1 You like to go to parties but don’t want to stay until the party ends. When you’ve enjoyed your part, you’re comfortable leaving. 

2 You like meeting with new people but not always. Because sometimes you don’t want to make an effort of starting a new getting-to-know-you conversation with people as it depends on your mood. 

3 Small talks are just fine, you do not need to spend hours talking to someone. 

4 You can easily manage to be by yourself for hours, and then join a group dinner. And you’re equally happy in both situations because ambiverts straddle the line between introverted and extroverted tendencies. 

5 Also you can go to the movie by yourself or with a friend, and you’ll be happy in either way. You really enjoy your own company, but also enjoy being around others. 

6 You can relax back and listen. But will definitely speak up if you have something to say in front of people. 

7 You are comfortable in many different friend groups. You socialise with various circles and appreciate each circle for what it can offer you like book club, movies, wine, sports etc.

8 You socialise a lot, but still definitely need your down time. In fact, you consider your perfect day when you spend a part of the day by yourself and part of the time with friends and family. 

9 At the end of a group dinner with fellows you want to go home and be alone for sometime(take a bath, watch tv, writing, or reading). And you need to unwind yourself each day. 

10 You’re generally game for any activity, but not for long periods of time. So rather than hiking for five hours and having constant chatter, ambiverts like you are more game for an hour or two of walking with a friend. Shorter activities are more your speed and you may find yourself drawn to other ambiverts for that reason. 

11 You tend to make friends fairly easily. While extroverted people have tons of acquaintances and introverts have a small group of friends, ambiverts like you are somewhere in the middle. You have a nice circle of inner friends and a medium circle of acquaintances. 

12 You’re not drained after talking to people like many introverts have a hard time conversing with people. Because their go-to happy place is being alone. And extroverts on the other hand, can talk for hours and still keep talking. You have that really nice balance of talking to people. Also having great in depth conversations, but people also don’t feel drained talking to you. 

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