What Does The Word Introvert Mean? Definition And Guide To Introversion

What Does The Word Introvert Mean
What Does The Word Introvert Mean
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What Does The Word Introvert Mean! Introversion and extroversion occur in a band of colors. It means that there are different levels of introversion. No one is completely either one of them (introvert/extrovert). Although every introvert is different many of the introverts share characteristics and challenges.

Common Introvert Traits

Some introverted traits seem to be fixed firmly. And some are the result of the culture in which we live. Like many of the introverts have practiced to cope up with the constant excitement by putting up a wall. This leads to people think of that introverts are unfriendly, and it is not true. Some of the qualities that introverts share are a love for examination, a need to be alone, and a slow and deep-focused communication style.

Introverts Love Introspection

For introverted people examining things and people are as natural as breathing. They love to explore the most colorful scenarios of the imagination. Many introverts have been criticized for their mind itinerant. They’ve told that they should not be daydreaming and should live in the present with others.

The people from the outside world feel like people attacking them(introverts). Turning inward as much a means of survival as it is a source of comfort. Introverts’ love for examining things brings meaning and direction to their life.

Solitude Is Essential

A desire of an introvert to be alone or in their own space is more than a greater liking. It is important to their happiness. They need alone time to restore themselves. Introverts are pushed into social situations to the point of the mental physique. They then feel guilty for being irritable. They blame themselves for not being charged all the time.

But when they get permission to be alone, life becomes easier for them. Social situations are more bearable to them. Social situations are more bearable. They can also easily have annoying small talk if they had time with themselves.

The Quiet Introvert

Introverts are also known as “quiet ones”.They are the world economists in a world suffering from talking deficiencies. People in society tell them to speak on and on even if their words and talks are useless.

Most of them are asked why they talk so less to which they reply with a short character.

Some studies have found many differences between an introvert and an extroverted brain. A key difference among them is that introverts take a longer time to process the information. This causes them to process the information deeply and this is why they take a longer time to verbalize their thoughts.

Other Introvert Idiosyncrasies

  1. Many introverts identify as HIGHLY SENSITIVE(HSP) 
  2. Most introverts HATE TALKING ON THE PHONE
  3. Introverts are OFTEN SPIRITUAL
  5. Many introverts LOVE STRUCTURE
  6. They prefer deep conversations over SMALL TALKS
  7. Introverts tend to WRITE BETTER THAN THEY SPEAK

The Introvert’s Dilemma

In the culture in which we live extroversion is the standard. In many cases, it is thought to be a superior personality. They tell people about what and who they actually are

They don’t need to be healed, fixed, or magically transformed into extroverted personalities (as it is not possible at all). Either of them is not superior to each other (extrovert/introvert). They have different personalities, needs desires, and behaviors. And it’s bad luck in our society to be different.

Debunking Introverts Myths

There are some misconceptions about introverts. People have already thought that introvert is a personality lower in rank. Another particular type of person believes that all introverted people are shy, rude, and less socialized. Introverts are just likely to be visible form to these characteristics.

The difference between Shy and Introverted

People often use the terms “shy” and “introvert” interchangeably. People think that introverts have low confidence. Both introverted and shy people avoid socializing but for different reasons. Most of the introverts are in the corners to avoid socializing as it drains them.

Introverts know their limits and how and for how much time they should be in the event. And people who are shy avoid it because of the fear of unfamiliar people. Talking to a stranger or being in a group scares them. Instead of thinking about energy drains they get worried about making a fool of themselves or being rejected by others.

Are Introverts Socially Awkward

Introverts don’t know how to behave socially is another misconception. Many introverts have great social skills. They are a confident, forceful personality and they’re interested in talking. People don’t get to know it because they think that everyone with good social skills is an extrovert.

Introverts start depleting their energies when they are in a group, parties, outgoings, and rooms filled with people can be most draining for them. When their energy is ow it’s hard for them to get on in social situations. Even when they have good social skills and we like people there a point comes when we try to get our lovely solitude.

Are Introverts Rude

In a world where social behavior is largely designed for and by extroverted people, sometimes it causes them to come over as rude. Getting out of the parties early setting their own boundaries can be seen as rude.

There comes a point where being polite is so painful for introverts. They don’t want to hurt anyone. They just want to get out quietly and restore themselves. Their exit might come suddenly. Yes, they are rude sometimes.

Introverts are more comfortable with themselves and tend to be alone to get proper time to recharge themselves and to get relaxed. They need some personal time before and after meeting with a group or before going to a social gathering. Like parties, social gatherings, small get-together events with people of office or relatives. It can get them to heat up so much. And can exhaust them fully out of their energy. So they try to stand out from the crowd.

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