What is Introvert Day And Why We Celebrate It?

World introvert day
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World Introvert Day is celebrated every year since 2011 on Jan 2.It’s not a coincidence that it falls immediately after New Year’s Day. The idea behind it is that introverts take time to recharge themselves after the busy season of holiday.

The day teaches us that being an introvert is awesome, not shameful. Celebrate this day with pride. And live your introverted life to the fullest of what you can live. Celebrate quiet ones today and every day of the year as introvert day.

Reasons to celebrate introvert’s day-

1.Introverts really know their Stuff

Introverts know what they say. They are just unbelievably experts in their own field. They can talk about a topic of their field for a full day and can explain it in depth. It is because they love learning and adding knowledge and to store that knowledge in their brain. That’s why they become the expert in their field which not surprising to know.

2.Introverts are Problem-Solvers and Idea-Generators

Introverts like to work alone rather than indulging in group chats with people. Taking suggestions and ideas from others to work upon it is not their thing. They like to do the work alone they can focus on your work accurately.

When you are alone you can clear your mind and can focus on your thought on which you are working desperately. All this kind of deep thinking leads to generate brilliant ideas and solutions. Working alone may lead to generate more ideas than working with the group.

3. Give up? Not yet.

Introverts tend to stick with their problems for a longer period of time until they get a solution to it while other people give up on them. They are also problem solver/solution seeker as they tend to stick with their problems until it is solved or they get a proper solution to it not being like other people they just try for once or twice and leave it. Einstein was a known physicist as well as a known introvert too. (Check: Einstein As An Introvert)

4. Introverted people make better friends and team for a long run

Extroverts may be great at putting their first impression in front of others but they may disappoint people after some time being in a team and their value and reputation get low over the long run. Being in a team you are expected to work harder and smarter to contribute to it but they are bad listeners and they less collaborate with a team. While introverts on teamwork harder because they are conscious about their work and output that they give to the team, they don’t want to be a burden on the team, so they work harder.

5. Introverts bring incredible intimacy to their relationships

Quiet ones have a good quality for being indulged in one-on-one time and deep conversation. They don’t talk around the world, they with their partner directly to know their feeling know what they feel. They try to include themselves in their partner’s inner world, they also want to know that how are you really? And how your ideas and you are evolving. They can make you feel emotional intimacy like never you have never experienced before.

6. Introverts know the Power of Words

They just don’t start speaking simultaneously without thinking, they tend to listen more and think before speaking in front of someone. They choose their word wisely because they know the power of the word spoken. As words mark an impression of the person in front of other people, by your words you can be judged by a person if you are a trustworthy and a mature person to talk to or not.

7. Introverts are Calm in the center of the Storm

Introverts are known for handling the problem by being calm, not like other people losing their heads in the storm. They don’t get panic in a situation not suitable for them. Instead of getting panic they calmly face the problem by understanding it and giving it a solution. This is what keeping your mind calm, in a challenging or bad situation gives you a good decision and helps you to deal with the problem firmly.

8. Introverts ‘’get’’ you.

It may seem being alone helped you to connect with people more efficiently. Spending time with ourselves (which introverts love doing)helps us to develop more empathy for other people or the people who are emotionally weak or are stressed.

Introverts tend to have an empathetic nature that helps people who are stressed out or taking out people from a big mess as they give good solutions to the problems because they love to be alone and that’s where they get their ideas and solutions from which helps them deal with the people in a difficult situation that is brainstorming to them calmly without getting panic in such situations and they also get the awesome ideas that are out of the box by being alone which helps them to be focused to their work and their ideas too.

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